Welcome to the Mobile Generation

Welcome to the Mobile Generation

We live in the mobile era, a time in which people are defining not just themselves, but increasingly their life experience through their mobile device.

This mobile device (and tablet) has become more than just a tool to us, but exist now as a permanent companion through ever facet of daily experience, accompanying you in your most intimate and private moments, and welcomed even in those areas you don’t invite your spouse or life partner. It is an extension of who you are and what you do, and as such a part of yourself.

It is then not surprising that it has become the primary means for people to access interactive services, and with that the instinctive first port of call for almost every question, including the big ones like “Who will I spend my weekend with?”, “Where will I go?”, “What will I buy?“, “How much will this cost?”, “Where can I get it?” and many more.

These questions are not asked with any preconceived notions of brand loyalty or affinity, but rather from a moment of demand, driven by an expectation of the most relevant and convenient answer produced instantly at our fingertips.

Astute organizations are now reaching consumers in this most personal and direct way through a medium of rich mobile services comprising of .mobi and mobile apps, and it turns out that a gentle whisper in the customer’s ear can drown out the loudest message from your competitor.

Surprisingly it is not just the wealthy that have adopted mobile to this extent, but with the advent of low cost smart phones (sub R 1000) and the rapid fall of data service costs to consumer, even members of low-income groups (from LSM5) now sport android based smartphones that access the internet, run apps, do social networking and support e-books, videos and music.

The race for offering customers services in this space is then officially on, even though most players don’t quite understand what they will gain – but it is clear that the market at large has earmarked mobile services as a priority and everyone is scrambling to get their offering launched before their competitors.

The most common services that are being deployed right now include self service applications, product & service promotions, educational material, and usage instructions / directions. What is probably the most interesting is that organizations are suddenly able to provide these services in multiple languages without paying a premium – tailoring experiences to each target audience.

This then is what the mobile generation is all about – the next evolution of consumerism – getting everything that I want delivered on my mobile device in my native language any time of day, wherever I may be, instantaneously… no wonder brands are scurrying to make their websites responsive and launch mobile services – if you’re not where the consumer trend is, you’re irrelevant.

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